Life Coaching


What is life coaching, you may ask?


Life Coaching is focused on what you want now by using tools to find out what you truly want and desire.  Taking action and responsibility to work towards those desired goals with help, support and motivation from your life coach.


So create the life you have always wanted, nothing is impossible with the right mind set and attitude.   Are you sick enough of how things have been?  Have you had enough of struggle, worry, loneliness insecurity, thinking "if only". Are you stuck in the past, dwelling on past hurt, mistakes or regrets?  Now ask yourself, "Are you ready for change?"
If so, I will instill in you indestructible self-belief and teach you how to eliminate doubts and limitations that hold you back.  I will help you to become mentally fit and think like a natural optimist to expect to succeed and handle set backs quickly and easily.  I will help you to clarify your desires, wants, dreams and ambitions into precise goals.  So start taking steps towards your new life today by removing obstacles and barriers and getting results that you have always dreamed of.


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Benefits of Life Coaching

1. Help move dreams and ambitions into precise goals
2. Create life balance to reduce stress and anxiety
3. Support, guidance and motivation towards achievement
4. Increased self confidence and self belief
5. More satisfying relationships with friends, family and colleagues
6. More happiness and success in everything you do
7. New passion, purpose and zest for life

8.Learning to look at life in a more relaxed and positive way




Level 3 Diploma in Life Coaching Courses

Certificate in Personal Coaching (Coaching Academy)

level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care


*Free initial 15 minute consultation*


Virtual Life Coaching 

Telephone Life Coaching

Face to face coaching


Clients will be charged on sliding scale depending on what they earn for example students would be charged at a reduced rate within pricing level


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