The reality of how we are surrounded by toxins

Let’s examine the reality of what we confront on a daily basis. You awaken from sleeping on a mattress that was coated with flame-retardant chemicals during it’s manufacture. You walk barefoot across a synthetic carpet treated with benzene and styrene and other cancer causing chemicals. Once in the bathroom you turn on the faucet and splash your face with fluoride and chlorine treated water which will also contain traces of herbicides and pharmaceutical drugs. You pick up your toothpaste which has a warning label which says if swallowed get medical help and other chemicals which don’t have to be revealed as they are protected by the trade secrecy laws. You raise your arms and apply deodorant which contains seven chemicals and other chemicals which are disguised under “fragrance” another trade secrecy term. You then apply your body lotion which contains penetrating enhancing chemicals driving other toxins deeper into your flesh. Next you get dressed, If your clothing contains synthetic fibres you are exposed to a form of plastic or if they contain flame-retardant chemicals they are notorious releasers of toxic fumes. You walk into your kitchen pour yourself a bowl of cereal containing nearly a dozen synthetic chemical food additives including aspartame (an artificial sweetener) which can raise the risk of brain tumors and has been linked to a wide range of allergies and illnesses, although this cereal is advertised as being a healthy choice for you.

Here we are barely into the first hour of the day and you haven’t even left your home yet and already you’ve been absorbing molecules from hundreds of synthetic chemicals. You haven’t even come into contact with the really harsh toxins that lurk outside, generated by car exhaust fumes and manufacturing processes or the fast food and junk food you sometimes consume.

Toxins in the food we eat

Produce is sprayed with chemical pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers and grown with genetically engineered seeds……unless it is organic. Pesticides and herbicides are designed to kill living organisms. WE ARE LIVING ORGANISMS. Unless one eats organic fruits and vegetables, one is continuously exposed to pesticides and herbicides. The most common affect of pesticide ingestion is cancer and the increased levels of toxicity in the brain and nervous system.

Most meat comes from animals which are eating the toxins in their grain. The grain apart from being toxic is not their natural food source and makes them ill, so they are given antibiotics. They are also fed growth hormones to speed up the animal’s growth so it can be sold faster. We end up eating this meat along with hormones, chemicals and antibiotics from these unhealthy animals.

Nitrates and Nitrites are chemicals used to preserve meats and are known to cause cancer, they should be avoided. They are found in fried bacon, sausage, hot dogs, cured lunchmeats, non-fat dry milk and more.

Unless dairy products such as milk are organic they contain growth hormones and are put through processes such as pasteurisation and homogenisation. Pasteurisation heats milk to a high temperature to destroy bacteria but it also destroys all the live enzymes which are good for us and homogenisation disrupts the molecular structure of the milk making it hard to digest and difficult on body organs.

Fish are now found with alarming levels of mercury especially tuna and swordfish, whatever we are polluting the sea’s with will be found in the fish you eat and once consumed, these toxins will be passed onto you.

There are 1000’s of chemicals, additives and preservatives put in foods which are packaged, processed, micro-waved and frozen and these poisons are not required to be printed on the label. To avoid chemicals leaking into food, go easy on processed, canned or fast foods and never micro-wave plastic. In-fact avoid using micro-waves altogether as it changes nutrients in the food and decreases hemoglobin levels and increases white blood cells and cholesterol levels.

When your body becomes in a state of acidic health, you will be vulnerable to illness, infection, disease or in extreme cases cancer. Other health complications are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, IBS, chrons disease, arthritis, liver, kidney problems and heart disease. Only 5% of diseases and disorders can be linked to genetics however 95% of health problems that occur today are due to lifestyle habits. Detoxification and alkaline foods can help shift your body back to alkaline state also drinking plenty of water which is neutral.

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