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Before I got into the fitness industry I had started to suffer from depression. It was a downward spiral of events that had triggered the depression (anybody who has suffered knows how helpless you feel with no light at the end of the tunnel). Friends telling you to pick your chin up and soldier on which makes you feel even more of a failure when you just can’t seem to do it. Suddenly most of my friends had disappeared or were avoiding me which was understandable as there is only so much anyone can take.

I had started on antidepressants which had made me feel slightly better but left me feeling slightly disconnected from the world and I didn’t see it as a long-term solution. Then one day it came to me…..I was reading an article about how your body releases endorphins during exercise (endorphins are neurotransmitters or natural opiate-peptide chemicals). The release of endorphins is associated with feelings of pleasure euphoria and pain relief. I thought it must be difficult to be feeling depressed when you have those good feel neurotransmitters running around your body, so I decided to exercise 4 days a week and I have never looked back! Of course we all have ups and downs and there is more to depression such as negative thinking but I can honestly say that it definitely improved my depression. This is one of the reasons I decided to become a personal trainer and a life coach.

In turn this started to improve my body shape which really boosted my confidence and self-esteem. I also felt stronger both mentally and physically because of the mind, body connection and I became more present and focused. It was the best decision I have ever made for my life………If you are feeling this way, contact me for a free telephone consultation to see if I can help.

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